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Ones to watch

Most recent worthwhile views;

El Conde - English narration with Spanish dialogue. Stella Gonet's delicious performance is both unexpected and commendable. Those old enough to recall politics of the eighties will get the humour in this vampire fantasy imaginings of the life of Pinochet. Across the board talent in this black and white story: Netflix

Coco Chanel Unbuttoned - invigorating watch - Chanel's truth of being as unpleasant as she needed to be to create and ignoring people's thoughts of her is a lesson in how to deal with one's mental health. Refreshing to hear her and others speak truth - BBC - iplayer

Parkinson interview with Jacob Bronowski - an education in humility; a celebration of excellence BBC iplayer

Mozart's Requiem - a new telling of the piece from Opera North & Phoenix Dance Theatre -

BBC iplayer

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